Now that MPC-HC support is finished, what's next?

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Now that MPC-HC support is finished, what's next? Empty Now that MPC-HC support is finished, what's next?

Post by Gabriel Ribeiro Thu Sep 20, 2018 10:57 pm

Hey there. Thanks for all the hard job so far. I've been using K-Lite for years now. Smile

However, I've been asking this to myself for some time now and the timing feels right to ask away.

Now that MPC-HC support is done, what do you intend to do? Will you pick another media player to provide support with or can you still work on MPC-HC with codecs aide without any problems? What about the MPC-HC specific software problems?

I was thinking you could pick another player such as VLC (although it already has tons of stuff), MPV, MPC-BE, or anything you'd think it's best to work with. I really like MPC-HC, but if it gets too deprecated, probably the plan-B might come in handy for future moves.

(Off-Topic: do you think MPC-HC will get its own support back some day? Leave your opinion. Wink )

Anyway, this is just for curiosity or to know a bit about the future of the project.


PS: New user, 1st post. I'm still digging up the documentation and forums. Tried to use the searchbox, but it didn't return me results related to this, sorry if it's duplicate!

PSS: Just found these related threads:

(I'll keep updating if I find more relevant stuff.)

PSSS: Maybe this thread applies best to General Discussion. Feel free to move it there if needed.
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