cue files and mpc hc

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cue files and mpc hc Empty cue files and mpc hc

Post by Schnuffel Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:35 pm


is there a way that mpc hc will support cue files ?

i have some large flac files (containing complete audio cd) + cue files
vlc can read cue files and use it as a playlist
(but like i said in the old forum vlc is (for windows users) not the best option, (to many incompatibilities and small bugs)

even if u cannot do something about cue support
may be u have better conections to the mpc devs
and u can ask them about it Very Happy
cue is only a text file so using cue files for a playlist cannot be too hard to include...

u said before that foobar is better for audio
well mpc hc / k-lite works good for audio except cue files...

(i heard that foobar is also not very nice to cue files, require the flac folder in the cue files to play them properly
but haven't tested this myself)
if this is true i have to edit cue files everytime i move the flac files which would be bad too

using a splitter tool which will make single flacs is not really an option for me
may be the audio files will be damaged doing this and the silence between tracks can be a porblem too for these tools....

best way would be cue support from mpc hc :-)

atm i am seeking to the tracks i want to listen to....


foobar supports cue files perfect

until mpc hc supports them too i use foobar for audio
(good player but i want only 1 player for all media files :-) )


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cue files and mpc hc Empty Re: cue files and mpc hc

Post by Admin Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:49 pm

MPC is mainly a video player.


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