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Feedback after update Empty Feedback after update

Post by just_feedback Sun Jan 21, 2024 4:08 pm

I have recently installed the new version (From the Pack 1800, Win64), and I will revert to the older version (1.9.1). Because the new one is unusable.
  1. In the Play →¬†After Playback, I set an option, but the setting are reset after relaunch. Fixed, found an option somewhere in Options.
  2. The new list window (Ctrl+7) is terrible, the old one was much better. The old version has the same interface.  Sad
  3. When I launch a video taken by my smartphone, the 'Download subtitles' window appears, weird!
  4. I’ve been waiting for ages, when the Shift+F10 window gets larger or resizable, but it seems that everyone like it as it is.

I don’t complain, just provide feedback from a single regular user.


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Feedback after update Empty Re: Feedback after update

Post by Admin Mon Jan 22, 2024 2:06 pm

It only downloads if you enable the option to automatically search for subtitles. Or press D.


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