Animated subtitles killing framerate.

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Animated subtitles killing framerate. Empty Animated subtitles killing framerate.

Post by teknomedic Wed Jul 26, 2023 4:38 am

K-Lite Mega Codec with MPC-HC (latest version as of today)
My current system is Intel 9700k, nVidia 3080 12GB, 32GB system RAM, Windows 10 Pro.
File types being played H264, H265, AV1

98% of my files play perfectly fine with animated subtitles, but with some "ambitiously animated" subtitles, I'm running into an issue with a massive drop in video framerate as they try to load.
Once a line of subtitles is loaded the framerate returns to normal (audio is not affected at all), but drops once again on the next line loading.

I've tried reducing the subtitle resolution, but it only helps a tiny bit. VLC seems to be a bit better with the same files, but still has a drop in video framerate.

Is there a setting to hardware accelerate the subtitles loading or being displayed?

Appreciate any info


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Animated subtitles killing framerate. Empty Re: Animated subtitles killing framerate.

Post by Admin Wed Jul 26, 2023 6:01 pm

It is crazy why they keep making those unnecessarily complex effects. Imagine how poorly it plays on old hardware.

There is no possibility of hardware acceleration. There is no solution. Just ways to mitigate.

Update to 17.6.9. That has a new option to use "libass" to render subtitles. That might help a little bit (similar to VLC).
Another thing you can do is enable the "sub picture to buffer" option (size 10). Then it can drop subtitles if they can't be rendered fast enough, and keep video framerate better. But of course this means subs can disappear/flicker a bit when they are dropped for some frames.


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