HAP support not working?

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HAP support not working? Empty HAP support not working?

Post by albrt Thu Jun 01, 2023 3:52 pm


I installed the K-Lite Code Pack Basic 17.6.0 so I can play HAP video files.

HAP support not working? Hap_su10

I restarted my PC, and I tried to open a HAP video file in Media Player, but it says Hap5 format isn't supported.

HAP support not working? Hap_me10

The video plays well in VLC however.

Did I miss any step? How can I use K-Lite Codec Pack to play Hap5 video files?

Thank you


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HAP support not working? Empty Re: HAP support not working?

Post by Admin Thu Jun 01, 2023 6:41 pm

The modern Media Player from Microsoft does not use the DirectShow codecs from K-Lite. It only uses Media Foundation codecs, and no Hap codec exists for that or any other uncommon formats.

You should install the Standard version of K-Lite and use the bundled player. That can play pretty much everything just like VLC. Or use any other DirectShow player.


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