HDR Playback (MadVR) Settings Recommendations

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HDR Playback (MadVR) Settings Recommendations Empty HDR Playback (MadVR) Settings Recommendations

Post by marcgii Wed Nov 16, 2022 11:17 pm

MadVR has additional HDR related settings other than just passing through metadata.  Is there a benefit to using the tone map or calibration settings? Or any other settings?  I experimented with them. But it didn't seem change anything.  
I'm using Alienware's QD-OLED display which has 99% DCI-P3 coverage and should be well calibrated out of the box.  

One more question:  Is there a way to adjust overall video brightness while playing back HDR video?  Unlike a TV, this monitor doesn't have any brightness control when when HDR is enabled. The MadVR setting for it doesn't seem to work when playing back HDR.


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HDR Playback (MadVR) Settings Recommendations Empty Re: HDR Playback (MadVR) Settings Recommendations

Post by Admin Thu Nov 17, 2022 3:38 pm

If you want to adjust brigthness, then you have to enable tonemapping in MadVR. With the peak nits setting you can adjust brightness. Lower value is brighter.

I don't have any other specific recommendation for HDR.


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