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Files stopped after playback Empty Files stopped after playback

Post by Eisai Fri Apr 15, 2022 8:16 pm

So, I leave a playlist running while I sleep. Later, I come back and restart a file and it'll play again and continue through the playlist. Now, it gets to the end of the playlist and everything is marked as stopped at the end of the file. I have to manually press stop while the file is "playing" (at the end and not actually playing anything) to get it to play again, and I have to do this for EVERY FILE that was played through. I suspect this has something to do with remembering the position in a file, as a partially played-through file will pick up where it had been left off. This is quite annoying to have to reset everything manually. Closing MPC-HC and re-opening doesn't clear this status. I also can't actually find the setting to remember playback position. I like remembering the position for when I'm watching one thing and have to pause to do something else and come back later, but I'd rather turn this off than have to manually stop everything to play again. When a file reaches the actual end it should really not be remembering the position. It's played all the way through and moved on, it should start again at the beginning at that point if played again.

I've used MPC-HC for years, and this problem seems to be new with 16.9.7. I saw another thread here mentioning some sort of change to remembering playback position and how it had changed, but remembering that a file has reached the end and then not playing it again from the beginning is pretty useless, in my opinion.


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Files stopped after playback Empty Re: Files stopped after playback

Post by Admin Sat Apr 16, 2022 12:52 am

Should be fixed in 16.9.8


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