What fix can make k-lite to play 2k videos?

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What fix can make k-lite to play 2k videos? Empty What fix can make k-lite to play 2k videos?

Post by grisha2 Fri Oct 01, 2021 1:06 pm

Hi people)
The users of my application (video player) and I have the following problem. The application is based on VLC. And it can't play 2k video by default: no video, just sound. The official VLC player neither can do it: video plays, but with big freezes, artifacts. I started to work on this problem, and now I will explain the behavior on my computer (win 7, regular integrated video card). After installing "k-lite basic" (default settings), both VLC and my application start to play these 2k videos normally. After removing "k-lite basic", videos still play normally. It means that "k-lite basic" has changed something in the system, perhaps some kind of direct-x settings or so. Unfortunately, I'm weak on this topic. I want to know what could influence the ability to play 2k video, so I can repeat it in my application. If somebody knows the answer, maybe, you can also advise how safe is it? Couldn't that make the problems worse? For example, ruin some other apps? It is obvious that this setting is not enabled by default for some reason.

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What fix can make k-lite to play 2k videos? Empty Re: What fix can make k-lite to play 2k videos?

Post by Admin Fri Oct 01, 2021 1:22 pm

2k is just a resolution, not a specific video format.

VLC should normally be capable of playing such resolution videos, and even much higher. VLC does not use the DirectShow type codecs that K-Lite installs, so your problem is not related to codecs.

I suspect your problem is related to settings in the Intel graphics driver. K-Lite disables some post-processing filters that are enabled by default in the Intel settings, but are known to cause issues with video playback. So that is probably why K-Lite fixed your problem. There are no other permanent changes that it makes.

You should disable "Contrast Enhancement" and "Skin Tone Enhancement" in the Intel settings.



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