Codec Tweak Tool Audio settings problem

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Codec Tweak Tool Audio settings problem Empty Codec Tweak Tool Audio settings problem

Post by snoop Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:55 pm


this is my first post and unfortunately with an bug or error.

So, in CodecTweakTool in Audio output i choose enable (HDMI) and all that stuff needed to my receiver bitstream it won't keep settings.
I've pressed Apply&Close but after i come back there again my settings are default, just like i've never change anything there.

That's why in MPCHC i can't use any DD/DTS or DolbyHD etc on my receiver which is compatible with those sound formats.
I don't know if it's bug or problem with software/hardware.

I've already make a clean install with K-Lite , clean my registry before install again but still my settings won't saving.

Is there any chance that I can force these settings to be able to use this "receiver decode audio"?
Pls, help Smile


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Codec Tweak Tool Audio settings problem Empty Re: Codec Tweak Tool Audio settings problem

Post by Admin Mon Mar 22, 2021 2:37 pm

It does apply the settings.

It always shows "keep current settings" after reload for the simple reason that it controls several components which does not necessarily have consistent settings.

Try this setting:
MPC-HC menu > Play > Filters > LAV Audio Decoder > disable "Fallback to PCM"
Then press Ctrl+E to reload the video.

If that does not solve it then check this setting:
MPC-HC options > Internal Audio Renderer > Device
If the correct device isn't the default one, then select it here.


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