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Best Settings for 4k Playback Empty Best Settings for 4k Playback

Post by gabrio Thu Jan 17, 2019 9:12 pm

hi there,

I have been struggling with settings for having a smooth 4k video, some files play better than others but it's not consistent. i.e. I downloaded a few 50gb 4k movies but they are not really smooth, maybe too heavy.


Asus Laptop, Win 10 Home 64-bit
Intel Core i5 3.38 Ghz (boosted), 8250U
Integrated Graphics Intel UHD 620
Nvidia Geforce  Very Happy 940MX with latest driver
256 GB SSD
8 GB Ram

Sony Bravia 4k 55'' TV

I am running Media Player Classic and I've tried with MadVR but it's not super smooth I have to say. The biggest problem with 4k playback is that at times the audio is not really synced. I used the Nvidia Option in LAV configuration on NVIDIA cuvid.

I've tried to run Reclock for the audio sync but it's not working, is that because I am using MPC 64-bit?

If anyone has a good guide that will be great.

many thanks,


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Best Settings for 4k Playback Empty Re: Best Settings for 4k Playback

Post by Admin Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:40 pm

Reclock is 32-bit only, but it won't help you anyway. It doesn't fix audio sync, it is for better syncing video to the screen refreshrate. Also it can't solve problems that exist due to performance bottlenecks. And that is what causes most audio sync issues.

Since you have both Intel and NVIDIA GPU in your laptop, the solution would be to make sure that the NVIDIA GPU is used for rendering (and not just for decoding). Because in most cases Intel gets used by default. At the bottom of this page there are instructions on how to configure that:

The above might be enough the solve the problem.

If they are normal movies (no HDR) then this should give best performance:
decoder = DXVA2 native
renderer = EVR-CP

For HDR you should use Madvr to get correct colors. CUVID or DXVA2 copy-back as decoder.


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