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No video from FLV file  Empty No video from FLV file

Post by wbtcpip Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:24 pm

Klite codec should support the playback of FLV files but i only get audio and no video. Of course i can play the file with Media Player Classic but i need flv video support through system codecs to play it through windows media player or my own video application. Do i have a problem on my system? or is a known limitation?

the file im testing is HERE


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No video from FLV file  Empty Re: No video from FLV file

Post by Admin Sun Apr 29, 2018 10:18 pm

This file only contains audio.

Assuming you have downloaded this using a browser plugin, you should check if that plugin is configured correctly. Or try a different plugin. For example Youtube stores audio and video as separate files. A good plugin downloads both and merges them into a new file.


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