Specific subtitles dissapear!

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Specific subtitles dissapear! Empty Specific subtitles dissapear!

Post by SilenceStory Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:07 am

Hi admin. Please give me your advice on this. You already know I love anime and I have 1 TB of anime encodes, mostly by my favourite fansub groups, in excelent quality (~1-2 GB per 20 min). Some of those groups make animated subs on the opening and ending. Now, a new release has problems with the OP subtitles that are animated inside a spinning gearwheel. The problem is, they dissapear halfway through the OP when the gearwheel starts spinning. They only reappear when I pause the video, and dissapear again when I resume. Its the same for every OP on all episodes.

Here are the two OP's, Ive put them in my MEGA account, in a folder. I recommend you download them to take a look. Please tell me how do they look on your end.

Afaik this has rarely (or never) happened before to a DDY release. (Im pretty sure its the new guy's fault.)


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Specific subtitles dissapear! Empty Re: Specific subtitles dissapear!

Post by Admin Sun Feb 11, 2018 7:50 pm

This solves it:
MPC-HC options > Subtitles > uncheck "Allow dropping some subpictures if queue is running late"

However it may cause some video frame drops instead. These subtitles are heavy to render and need a fast processor.


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