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Need help : Spdif support Empty Need help : Spdif support

Post by sahafdeen Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:49 am

Thank u for given good codec !

I use creative x-fi external sound card for pc, Logitech Z906  5.1, Mpc-Hc player-k-lite mega + .
i am conneced  spdif ,

my sound card sample rate 24bit 96000 khz  5.1  , spdif out . in windows 10 pc . problem , DTS-HD  and True HD no sound , rate i set 96000 khz , no sound in ffd audio processor..filter (suggest best way)

3.can i use Ac3 filter , its possible re-sample rate 192000 khz ???

best configuration setting spdif out , with good quality signal, which filter best ? suggest good way !

kindly send the setting file or guide!

thank you !

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Need help : Spdif support Empty Re: Need help : Spdif support

Post by Admin Tue Dec 12, 2017 2:26 pm

SPDIF connection only supports bitstreaming of AC3 and DTS audio formats!

For DTS-HD and TrueHD you only have two options:
1) Decode on the computer and send it over SPDIF as stereo PCM.
2) Re-encode to 5.1 channel AC3 with ffdshow or AC3Filter.

You should NOT resample to 96000 hz. Encoding to AC3 requires using 48000 Hz. The internal sample rate of your sound card does not matter. It just means that it supports everything up to 96000, not that you should use 96000 as input!

Suggested settings in the installer:
- Use LAV Audio decoder for everything!
- Process uncompressed audio (PCM) -> Use ffdshow (only in MPC-HC)
- Enable bitstreaming for AC3 and DTS

And then in the settings of ffdshow audio processor:
- Resample to 48000 Hz
- Set Mixer to 5.1 audio
- Enable AC3 encode (on Output page)


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