How to config Klite?

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How to config Klite? Empty How to config Klite?

Post by manutd1606 Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:28 pm

Hi Guys, I’ve a question and I would be grateful if you could solve my question.I’ve got a SOUND SPEAKER SYSTEM Logitech Z906 , a Sound Creative Z with Signal

Optical. I’m using Klite and Reclock for watching Movies. When I choose all in “bitstreaming” of LAV Audio, for Atmos TrueHD movies then Klite no sound, but still 5.1 DTS movies then Klite have sound. I’ve just checked the signal from driver of the soundcard and there’s nothing happened from any channel but I still can listen to music. Should I reinstall Driver Soundcard?
Some one can help me to solve this problem? Would you mind to give me some configure of klite to increase the best sound through Optical. Thanks for helping!


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How to config Klite? Empty Re: How to config Klite?

Post by Admin Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:39 am

SPDIF Optical connection only supports AC3 and DTS audio bitstreaming. That is all your Logitech Z906 supports. For TrueHD/EAC3/DTS-HD you need to use a HDMI connection, plus a receiver that supports decoding those formats.

You can use Reclock to re-encode TrueHD to AC3. That way you keep surround audio. Otherwise you are limited to Stereo PCM.


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