Hardware Acceleration. Which one?

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Hardware Acceleration. Which one? Empty Hardware Acceleration. Which one?

Post by Xemidra Fri May 05, 2017 12:25 pm


I have an Optimus laptop with i3-2310M and NVIDIA 520M.
Which hardware acceleration mode should I use? Quick Sync, DXVA2 or CUVID for best quality and best performance?

I found this:

"According to LAV Filters author, CUVID and Intel QuickSync are outdated, DXVA copy-back (direct mode) beats them both in performance.
DXVA2 native has its limitations, though I use it sometimes with interlaced video cause PCI bus is too busy with traffic for copy-back in this case."

Is this correct? I also read that QuickSync is no longer developed inside LAV filters. Is this also true for CUVID?


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Hardware Acceleration. Which one? Empty Re: Hardware Acceleration. Which one?

Post by Admin Fri May 05, 2017 5:45 pm

There is no difference in quality between any of the decoding modes, including software decoding.

DXVA2 Copy-back is the best choice of hardware acceleration.
QuickSync does not offer any benefits. It is also no longer being developed and does not support HEVC.
CUVID also does not offer any benefits. It is also less energy efficient.

Your Intel GPU will be used by default if you use DXVA2. If you want to use your NVIDIA GPU you need to adjust the NVIDIA settings. You can do that with a third party tool called "NVIDIA Profile Inspector".


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