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Sound glitches, cracks and pops

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Sound glitches, cracks and pops Empty Sound glitches, cracks and pops

Post by mourner on Tue Apr 19, 2016 6:18 pm


I have this strange problem with playing mkv on my laptop.

I have Asus UX303UB with Connexant smart audio HD.

The problem is like this:

I had a clean Windows 10 installation, installed latest K-Lite Codecs and everything runs perfect. (Mkv playing without sound distortions)
Then i installed Rekordbox, Serato, Traktor software. Checked if mkv plays allright without running of previously mentioned apps - and guess what? It runs fine.

I made system restore checkpoint.

Then i ran Traktor software and connected my external sound card (with Numark Omni Controller), i played a bit with Traktor. After some fun i turned off traktor, plugged out external sound card/controller. Rebooted PC.

I loaded Media Player Classic, loaded MKV and i have this strang sound artifacts, noises, hissess, clicks and pops.
I tested VLCplayer, Allplayer, Best player - all the same problems.
I dont have such problems in Windows Media Player and this native app that comes with Win10 (TV and films i think that's what it's called).

Please help. I want to have clean sound in my MPC-HC.

Best regards,


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Sound glitches, cracks and pops Empty Re: Sound glitches, cracks and pops

Post by Admin on Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:37 pm

This seems to works for some people with Realtek chipsets:
Control Panel > Power Settings > High performance mode (Minimum processor state = 100%).

Windows 10 does automatic driver updates. Manually re-installing the latest sound driver might help.


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