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Need Help Plz! Empty Need Help Plz!

Post by nonames Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:24 pm

So i installed the basic package and updated it, i installed this cause i heard it helps with some games but i can't actually figure out if it is actually doing anyrhing i thnk it's helping my fallout 3 could just be a placebo effect tho after i ran fallout 3 it created a fallout 3 lav video icon in my taskbar but i can't do anything with it. No icons appear in my system tray for any games yet, even for fallout 3 i dnt have a lav icon in the system tray when im playing fallout 3 just the icon that sits in the taksbar and any other games i run do not create any icons at all anywhere so what am i doing wrong i just don't understand this program am i supposed to have it running in background somehow or how do i get games to use the lav video and audio? and when i installed this i made sure the system tray stuff was checked so y does nothing appear when im playing a game is this program actually doing anything for me or should i try to reinstall or remove.


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Need Help Plz! Empty Re: Need Help Plz!

Post by Admin Mon Mar 14, 2016 3:56 pm

Games sometimes use wrong codecs and that can cause problems. K-Lite is able to remove unwanted bad codecs and it also uses special blacklists to prevent certain codecs to be used by specific games in case any compatibility or performance issues exist.

Fallout uses standard codecs from Windows. It is not supposed to use the LAV decoders. In fact, K-Lite puts Fallout on the blacklist of LAV. That is why the codec pack is recommended in case of troubles. People who install LAV Filters though its own installer or though another codec pack, don't have the same blacklist settings.


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