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Post by Starke Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:40 pm

Although I have been using K-Lite for a long time I was wondering if you are considering including XySubFilter (instead of xy-VSFilter). Although xy-VSFilter is already included in the Mega pack I am currently experiencing no crashes using the latest XySubFilter beta x64 version ( Beta 3) while using the xy-VSFilter I have 3 crashes before (of MPC-HC64bit) before even being able to open a 10bit anime file. I understand K-Lite's policy of not including beta subtitles programs but the beta XySubFilter which is the succesor of xy-VSfilter outshines DirectVobSub (old VSfilter) and xy-VSfilter.

I agree that the internal subtitle filter has improved over the time but I (and I suppose hardcore anime watchers) would prefer being able to choose XySubFilter. My question is: Are there any plans to include XySubFilter after it has released a stable version? (For now I have no problem installing it manually and using the beta but would love to see it included in one of the packs once it reaches a stable version)


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Post by Admin Tue Mar 08, 2016 10:04 pm

The fact that it is labelled as a beta is not important. A real problem is that it is no longer being developed. The original developer has been missing for years now. There have been only minor changes in the past years, made by the project admin, who isn't a programmer, and a few others.

If you install it yourself before installing the codec pack, then it should get used automatically. The installer detects it and adjusts settings.

Have you done any recent comparisons with the internal subtitle renderer? If there are enough people that want it and it can be proven that it has a real benefit with regard to performance, then it may get included.


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Post by czerkill Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:01 pm

I would also want XySubFilter being included in the pack again.
Issues I encountered (while watching anime) with ISR is that it does not always show typesetting correctly e.g. [Commie]'s One Punch Man episode 5 @ 16:10 where it's supposed to show "DEATH" in the middle but instead shows the letters at the bottom of the screen. Note that some TS does not even show at all.
Another minor note is that ISR does not render subtitle animations as smooth as XySubFilter which is mainly noticeable at anime karaoke opening (which have lots of effects). While using SVP with mpc, XySubFilter somehow matches the animation framerate at which the video is played (60fps) while ISR does not.


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