Things I noticed for 11.1.0

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Things I noticed for 11.1.0 Empty Things I noticed for 11.1.0

Post by Morku Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:00 pm

I made a new clean install on Windows 8.1 x64.
I just want give a feedback. First, the image in installer doesn't looks scale right. The earth looks like an egg, insted of a circle ^^

I chosed madVR as default renderer and just installed MPC-HC in 64bit, but the option wasn't set in MPC-HC, I had to set madVR manually after installation in MPC-HC64.
Same thing for the AC3 and DTS Pass-through. I chosed ffdshow audio as standard audio render and chosed in the next step AC3, DTS Decoder to LAV audio. (I use the AC3 encode mode in ffdshow for anything else than DTS and AC3. Maybe you remember).
Of course I selected Pass through of DTS and AC3 in the last step of the installer, but the option wasn't set for ffdshow audio. So I also had to select it afterwards.

Since 11.0.9 I also notcied that the track selection is not translated anymore into german (propably not your business)

Things I noticed for 11.1.0 JhS1Nfk

And thats all Smile


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Things I noticed for 11.1.0 Empty Re: Things I noticed for 11.1.0

Post by Admin Thu Apr 16, 2015 1:20 pm

Yes, the image is stretched. That looks better than having white space below it. Maybe a good graphics artist can make a replacement image.

The MPC-HC devs changed the track menu texts. So all translations need to be updated. So that issue will get fixed in upcoming updates.

If you selected LAV as decoder for AC3 and DTS, then the installer will only configure pass-through for LAV. I doesn't know that you are going to activate the encoding option in ffdshow. It is possible that there will be an option for that in the future.


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