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klcp_iph_71ydbn65s4n27j4hsxwyoa5pq52vuny0235wquflvny11tmmz4bp92s8t.tmp Empty klcp_iph_71ydbn65s4n27j4hsxwyoa5pq52vuny0235wquflvny11tmmz4bp92s8t.tmp

Post by ginox Thu Aug 14, 2014 4:57 pm

this file in C:\ is related to K-Lite Codec Pack ??? klcp_iph_71ydbn65s4n27j4hsxwyoa5pq52vuny0235wquflvny11tmmz4bp92s8t.tmp

I can not delete it... tells me it is in use in Windows Explorer...  Neutral  No   Crying or Very sad 

please reply! thx  Very Happy 


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klcp_iph_71ydbn65s4n27j4hsxwyoa5pq52vuny0235wquflvny11tmmz4bp92s8t.tmp Empty Re: klcp_iph_71ydbn65s4n27j4hsxwyoa5pq52vuny0235wquflvny11tmmz4bp92s8t.tmp

Post by Admin Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:42 pm

That file will automatically be removed the next time you restart your computer.

Files belonging to the Icaros shell extension can be in use by Explorer. During update or uninstall of the codec pack, the files that are currently still in use are renamed and scheduled for removal. This allows the update or uninstall to complete successfully without needing an immediate restart.


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