Differences between these codec packs?

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Differences between these codec packs?  Empty Differences between these codec packs?

Post by Rancheros Sat Apr 19, 2014 4:25 pm

Hi! Im a massive fan of the work the KLCP team have done, its the first software i install on any computer after i do a fresh install Smile Its simply stunning to say the least, and its a very "tidy" software, not like that rubbish by cyberlink or windvd that rapes your system and fills it with bloated stuff, i also love MPC's simple GUI Smile

Ive known about other codec packs that are constantly developed just as much as KLCP is, such as Shark007 codecs and the CCCP pack, compared to Klite, which is better? I always hear that CCCP is dedicated to anime.. which is very confusing because idk what thats supposed to mean since anime uses the same codecs and encoding techniques that most other videos use, however people tend to reccomend that both codec packs are great, does Klite have anything that CCCP doesnt? does CCCp have something that Klite doesnt etc..? same goes for Shark007 pack?

Also, does KLCP need QTlite to play quicktime stuff? What about RealAlternative, does it need that? or can it play RealMedia without those?


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Differences between these codec packs?  Empty Re: Differences between these codec packs?

Post by Admin Sun Apr 20, 2014 5:00 pm

You don't need to install any additional stuff. KLCP can play quicktime and rm files on its own. It can play pretty much everything.

CCCP doesn't have useful stuff like madVR and Codec Tweak Tool. Shark007 contains malware, illegal codecs and other unnecessary crap. You should avoid that like the plague.


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