Hooray , K-lite 1005 installer

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Hooray , K-lite 1005 installer Empty Hooray , K-lite 1005 installer

Post by trog Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:30 pm

I recently had trouble with the updates going from 10.00 to 10.03, 10.05 and 10.07 packages ... [ win7 32 bit , nVidia graphics]
Now I have found the new 10.05 installer, I uninstalled the previous K-lite [again] and ran the 10.05 mega installer, and now the 10.07 updater went in flawlessly.
Somewhere between the 10.00 installer and the 10.03 updater there developed a hiccup in the updater for the win7 32 bit computers, which carried into the 10.05 and 10.07 updaters, but didn't appear to affect the Win7 64bit PCs which I had tried it on [all with AMD graphics ... ].

Now fortunately this new installer seems to have remedied the updating problem.

Thanks again for the great work you folks are doing for these codec packs.
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