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Post by ashishbansal90 Sun Aug 30, 2020 11:50 am

Hey First of all Thanks for such an amazing Player.
I have been using this player more than 8 years.

The problem i am facing in new versions is:-

The "After Playback" options under Play Menu gets reset when we close the player. I was using "Play next File in the folder" option under "After Playback" Options. This is the best option when you just play one song from the folder and it will automatically play next song when the song ends.

Now i have to again and again choose this option whenever i close the player or select/play the song manually(not using skip forward button in controls bar) from the folder.

I think the setting we do should be stored in the player either we close the player. We should not have to do again and again the settings that we like.

Kindly accept the feedback.

Ashish Bansal


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