New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update

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New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update Empty New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update

Post by Guest Mon 20 Jun 2016 - 3:50

Best codec pack ever. Only thing I would like to see is an auto update feature added to KLCP Update Check. This would mostly be for the people that have KLCP installed on their computer by someone else and don't know much about computers but will also useful for those of us who do know what we're doing.

On Codec Tweak Tool, KLCP Update Check add check boxes for what kind of auto updating a person would like to be done: install update packs; only install update packs between new version releases and be informed of new version; install new version as quick update; download update or new version but don't install and inform of update.

With the first option it would continue to update whenever there is a new update pack. With 2nd option it would only install update packs until there is a new version and stop updating and inform you of it for the people that want to make changes to install. With 3rd option if combine with the 2nd option it will install the new version as a quick update when it is available instead of informing you to do it if that person doesn't want to make changes. 4th option is for those that like to install things themselves but would like it to be auto downloaded for them.

Way it could do it is when it checks for update if one of the options is checked then it will download from one of the mirrors listed for that version same as we do now but automatically.

With those 4 options it has something for everyone from the computer idiot to the computer expert. It would still have the current options for manual download and install for those who want to do that by just leaving those options unchecked.


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New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update Empty Re: New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update

Post by James M. Mon 20 Jun 2016 - 11:57

I've been using k-lite for years. Once in awhile I hear talk about an auto update feature but still haven't seen it implemented. Closest we've gotten is the update checker that takes us straight to the page to download and install it ourselves.
I like the options you listed and idea of check boxes for them. I'd probably use option 2 and 3 more than anything since that's what i do already when installing manually. I have installed k-lite on some friends PCs that don't know much about computers and this would definitely be useful to not have to walk them through updating it over the phone whenever they call saying that klite update thing popped up again.
As long as it doesn't install some other software we've declined a bunch of times already. I haven't seen anything that have had to click decline that I can remember when updating using either new version or update pack so I don't think that would be an issue at all. If so have it ask us really quick or put an option to auto decline.

James M.

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New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update Empty Re: New Feature Request: Auto Download and/or Update

Post by Admin Mon 20 Jun 2016 - 23:00

Only fresh installs show the optional offers. They aren't shown when updating, not even when using the regular installers. Updating is trivial, due to the "quick upgrade mode". Basically just clicking "next" once. All settings are preserved.

It is unlikely that there will be a fully automatic update system, simply because that would cost money. Hosting isn't free.

The update checker will probably get some graphics, like the MPC-HC logo, so people can more easily recognize it.


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