UltraHD Bluray 4K Disc image freezes when playing.

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UltraHD Bluray 4K Disc image freezes when playing.

Post by gogol1 on Tue Jun 13, 2017 5:46 pm


On the trackers began to appear the first images UltraHD Bluray. But when playing in MPC-HC, they have a lot of freezes. I was told that a powerful processor and video card is needed to play HEVC. I understand that my GPU GTX 760 and CPU Athlon II x4 760 is too weak?

Since the structure of folders and files of UltraHD Bluray is the same as in normal bluray, could you add in the future the play via start index.bdmv file?

Will HDR work properly on MPC-HC?


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Re: UltraHD Bluray 4K Disc image freezes when playing.

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:59 pm

Yes, your hardware is not capable of playing these files. For hardware acceleration of HEVC you need at least a GTX 900 series card. For software decoding you need a recent high-end CPU.

MPC-HC is capable of HDR playback if you select MadVR as video renderer.
In the options of MadVR you can find HDR settings (in "devices" section to be precise). It can either convert it to SDR (works on all systems) or passthrough the HDR metadata to your monitor or TV. The latter of course requires HDR compatible hardware and also WIndows 10 (creator update).


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