K-Lite 13.2.0

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K-Lite 13.2.0

Post by Dormient on Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:34 pm

Hello, so I just installed the newest K-Lite 13.2.0, installation went smoothly until I'm trying to configuring the media player classic. That's when something happened to my firefox, my frontpage is changed, my default is changed WITHOUT ME DOING ANYTHING.
I also noticed that there's this new program installed called ad-aware from Lavasoft.
I thought that's strange because I didn't grant this "bundled" program my EXPLICIT consent to install it. Maybe I just clicking the next too fast?
so I run the installer again.
NOWHERE in the installation screen is a box where I can choose not to install this ad-aware program (and their auto change your browser's preferences)

So... Is this how K-Lite is going by now?


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Re: K-Lite 13.2.0

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 01, 2017 8:49 pm

There is a page during installation (just before the "ready to install" page) where this Lavasoft program is presented as an optional offer. You must have accidentally clicked past it. The offer is only shown during fresh installs, so it won't be shown again if you run the installer a second time. It never installs anything without consent, but these kind of offers are necessary in order to be able to provide a quality product and support.

It sucks if you don't want it. Just uninstall it and reset your homepage.

The offer will be made a bit more obvious very soon. A tip that I can give you is to install a little program called Unchecky. That automatically skips these kind of offer in a large number of programs.

Specifically for K-Lite you can use this registry tweak to skip offers:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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