Where is My MPC Supposedly Included With K-Lite?

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Where is My MPC Supposedly Included With K-Lite?

Post by j.d.troughton on Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:36 pm

I could not find this answer in FAQ.

I am told here: https://turbofuture.com/computers/Solution-to-slow-Mp4-Playback-Problem that Media Player Classic will be included with K-Lite when I download it. This is likewise implied on the K-Lite download page here: https://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm, quote: "Already contains everything you need to play all common audio and video file formats."

But I cannot find MPC on my computer, just this tweak tool beyond my ability to use. I can obviously just download MPC separately, but I'm led to believe that it will not have the K-Lite "on/in" it that I have been told I need.

Where is it? Is there somewhere I can download MPC with the K-Lite thing attached to/installed in it? I get the sense that they are separate programs that team up.


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Re: Where is My MPC Supposedly Included With K-Lite?

Post by Admin on Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:49 pm

It is included in the Standard/Full/Mega versions of the codec pack. It is not included in the Basic version. Perhaps you have downloaded that one.


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