s768.exe after install

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s768.exe after install

Post by Sil3nt on Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:43 am

Hi folks, don't know what happens but after download (from mirror 1) and install K-Lite Mega Pack i got this infection.
The facts:
I download and install the Mega Pack, using a huge attention to avoid (in case) 3rd part shitware or whatever (No. I'ts not my mistake. I'm not new with pc's stuff). Fortunately I am an Anvir Task Manager user, that quickly inform with a pop-up window that s768.exe require Internet access on Windows start (i got also the legit pop-up by K-Lite which I assume to be for the updates verify).
So, i made a fast research. I got installed this crap without no asking at all during installation. It's related to Browser-Security that is an addon stored in Firefox extentions repository. Btw, looking at my Firefox extentions panel i can't find that crap to disable and/or uninstall.

Vondos.de is the dev of that extention, that (for now) has only 1 (doubt) voting
For what concern s768.exe you can made a simple research by yourself and read about on the Net.

Now, since i don't want (nor have time) to spend my time to scan/remove/reinstall stuff on my pc, my question is: there's PLEASE a CLEAN link where donwload a CLEAN K-Lite?
Please answer only YES / NO

Thanks for you're attention

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Re: s768.exe after install

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:16 pm

There is a page during installation where you can accept/decline the offer of installing this plugin. That is shown near the end of the installation wizard, just before the "ready to install" page. Offers are also only shown during new installs. The plugin itself is a legitimate one, approved by both Mozilla and Google. Of course, many will consider it unwanted. I understand that. K-Lite never installs anything without permissions.

You can use this registry tweak to disable all offers in the future:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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