Need a method to determine which codec is current set for Mpeg-2

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Need a method to determine which codec is current set for Mpeg-2

Post by 91_aggie on Tue Oct 27, 2015 1:56 pm

Hopefully this is the place to ask this question.

I support many media players out in the field and we use the Gabest codec from the klite codec pack. We use the Win7DSFilterTweaker tool to set the Mpeg-2 filter to Gabest (instead of Merit or Microsoft).

However during one push of our software, the Mainconcept codec was installed, thus removing the Gabest codec.

We have a tool that can automatically check registry settings and send us a report back from all players which ones have certain registry settings. It can check other files as well.

Essentially, I need to know what file/registry settings will tell me that Gabest is currently selected for the Mpeg-2 filter from using the Win7DSFilterTweaker tool.

If Mainconcept is installed from the Klite codec pack for Mpeg2 Video, then the Tweaker Tools shows nothing selected for Mpeg-2 video. If Gabest is installed, then the tweaker tool shows Gabest between Microsoft and USE Merit.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Re: Need a method to determine which codec is current set for Mpeg-2

Post by Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:48 pm

First of all, you seem to be using a very old version of the codec pack. Current version uses LAV Video decoder for MPEG-2 (DScaler5 on Windows XP). Updating is recommended.

Secondly, the preferred filter system only exists on Windows 7 and newer. It also only has effect on basic DirectShow applications. Advanced players still use the standard merit system.

The relevant Registry key is:
mpeg2 is value {e06d8026-db46-11cf-b4d1-00805f6cbbea}


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