Your Download Page has some SERIOUS user interface issues

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Your Download Page has some SERIOUS user interface issues

Post by choppergirl on Mon Feb 16, 2015 8:31 pm

To download Klite Codec Pack...

First a user clicks a link, and gets to this page, which is relatively clean and a-ok, although probably mystifying for someone not fluent in English:

Let's say they figure out to click on the brown "Download Basic" link... instead of initiating a download of the software, they come to this page:

Ok, now we start to see a bunch of crap fake download links from ads on the page, confusing things. Let's say we are skillful enough to avoid those, and click on either Mirror 1 or Mirror2... we come to either of these two horror stories for pages:

More crap deceptive ads... so much so, nobody can tell where the real download link is.

Finally, I said to hell with it, and rather than get a virus on my computer, I went back to my software installer drive and installed a version of Klite Codec pack I already had downloaded that was several years old.

If someone like me with 20 years of experience on the internet installing drivers, flashing firmware, and downloading torrents... can't figure out where the fuck the download link is on your download page... then what chance does a grandma have... to do the same... without getting a virus from one of the many deceptive ads that pad your download page.

Please remove all this crap, and every deceptive ad from your download pages, and all these steps, and instead have one large button that takes you clearly to an immediate download.

If you want to see how its done right, take a look at the VLC or Opera download page... as basic examples:

Its not hard to do.


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Re: Your Download Page has some SERIOUS user interface issues

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:29 am

Install AdBlock and you won't see ads again on any site.

Free software projects like K-Lite can't live without ads. Large projects like VideoLAN get massive amounts of donations and sponsoring.


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Re: Your Download Page has some SERIOUS user interface issues

Post by wenapee on Wed Feb 25, 2015 11:53 pm

Since k-lite is updated regularly I always download the latest versions. For each download page (click the see more link) you have to know what is the real link, if you look good it should be obvious.

Try the given download pages (click the see more button) and see which one seems more friendly and less ad heavy to you. And adblock is highly recommended, it will change your internet experience.

I personally always use majorgeeks, once on the site only click the download locations @ majorgeeks. And it will start to download.

(To avoid downloading wrong files from other sites always check the download size.)


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