Looking for SoundTaxi video rendering and Codec Help?

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Looking for SoundTaxi video rendering and Codec Help?

Post by Coinshark on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:37 am

Can Anyone guide me on understanding why the various DRM programs are magnifying the DRM video as they convert? I haven't used my programs for awhile and something seems to have changed in my system not allowing the DRM removal programs to run the videos correctly. The output resolution sizes match the source video exactly (720x480 converts to 720x480) with good bitrate and no error messages. I'm finding however the output is a slight zoom on the source video which would start on the top left corner and crops about the bottom 10% and the right 15-20%. I was thinking the video rendering was taking the 720x480 and cropping it to 640x480, but the source output size matches. I started playing around with the K-Lite settings under FFDShow thinking I could trip a setting that would create a change. I have been entirely unsuccessful in trying to discover a solution. Any chance someone can guide me to the control set that SoundTaxi would use for example? I am assuming this is a simple fix once I can discover the proper control set for this application. Everything else in my notebook functions perfectly and no problem playing DRM content. Help anyone?


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Re: Looking for SoundTaxi video rendering and Codec Help?

Post by Admin on Sun Jan 04, 2015 4:56 pm

The decoders from the pack don't change the size. So the problem must be in the converter. Messing with the decoder settings is not a good idea, as that would give undesired results for normal video playback. SoundTaxi might not even use them. Converters often uses their own private encoders and decoders.

I have never used SoundTaxi, so I am not familiar with its settings.


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