feature suggestion; multiple fav's lists and end position of favorite

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feature suggestion; multiple fav's lists and end position of favorite

Post by glaabemhiemer on Fri Feb 08, 2013 2:59 am

Hi guys,
first post here so I hope I'm in the right place.
I'm a big fan of k-lite. The only part I would like to see changed is playlists/ favs.
To create playlists the only way I can seem to do it is create
a folder with the tracks I want then play the first one and select
"after playback| play next in folder". This means having duplicates of tracks
of course. No biggie there with the size/ cost of HDDs these days but it's a lot of
stuffing around and I need to alter the track names so windows stores them in the order I like
in the folder[ alphabetically wise ] for playback. eg to play Neil Young_Comes a Time first I might rename it AAANeil Young etc.
Also, to make the playlist, when there is a track in the middle of a DVD image
file [or an hour long MP4 etc] I need to cut that track out with avidemux or something.
Here's what I would like k-lite/ mpc to be able to do.

1] To be able to create multiple favorites folders/ lists. For this to be of any use the "play next in folder" would need to include the favorites folder/ list.

2] I would like to see an option when you add to favorites to choose a stop time for the track before the file ends,
additional to the "remember position" feature, so I can play a single track mid-dvd/ mid-file then "play next in folder".
Even if this is done by having a box in the "Add Favorite" dialogue box called "stop time" or something and I have to enter
a stop- time in mins and seconds. Alternatively something like the setup in Avidemux where there are A and B markers.
Entering an end time in mins and seconds might be more user friendly for beginners. IIRC Avidemux has both options.

3] The favorites folder/ list would be more useful in this case if DVD files weren't seperate to the AVI's etc.

In case I'm not explaining properly what I'm getting at, what I would like to do is for eg;
create new favs folder/ playlist and name it eg:- playlist01 ,
play the 3rd track from Live Rust DVD image file and at the end of the 3rd track
jump to the next track in the list.

The Organize Favorites dialogue box could possibly use an upgrade too. Expanding it to full screen and being able to click and drag favorites into your preferred position within the list would be nice rather than having to click the "move up" button, [Iv'e had to hit that button 50 time or more sometimes]
and a button to sort alphabetically.

I don't want much do I? :]

I hope you guys will consider these suggestions and perhaps some of the guys around the forum could have some input as to whether they would find this any use. I use my HTPC and projector mainly to play music files in my pool room so these suggestions would be great for me or anyone doing the same.
Of course I'm gonna feel pretty stupid if you tell me I can already do these things but don't know how!

Regards, Chris


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Re: feature suggestion; multiple fav's lists and end position of favorite

Post by Admin on Sat Feb 09, 2013 1:47 am

MPC has playlist functionality. In the menu go to View > playlist.
You can easily add files by drag&drop into the playlist window. Right-click to save the playlist.


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